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Victory OnDemand | Temporarily Offline

We pulled Victory OnDemand down for Maintenance on Friday May 5th so that we could work on a number of issues, including licensing. There will be no billing during the month of May, and if you have been charged already for May that amount will be refunded.

As a radio station, we gladly pay thousands of dollars each year for royalties to artists, composers, etc., because we are thankful for the right to use the amazing music they create. We currently pay 4 different organizations for the right to broadcast and stream music.

We are currently in licensing discussions with several key record companies. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the OnDemand feature to be used until the discussions have concluded.  We had hoped this process would have already been completed, but it is clear it will take some time.

Until OnDemand returns, only the radio portion of the app will be available. I am so sorry for the inconvenience; please pray that these discussions will go well and end quickly.

In His Service,

Ray Haynes
General Manager
Victory 91.5