If you give EARLY – You will automatically give BIG!

Giving Tuesday – November 27, 2018

See “Step-By-Step Guide”

Giving is a big part of the Christian life and serving God through giving is extremely important here at Victory 91.5. Through your generosity, we have recently given life-sustaining food and the Gospel to Kenyan orphans, timely relief supplies and hope to those devastated by Hurricane Michael, Winter clothing to the homeless right here at home through City Takers. Most importantly the message of a loving, giving God goes forth around the world every day!


There is an amazing opportunity happening on “Giving Tuesday” coming up November 27th.

Several large companies have joined forces to provide 7 million dollars in matching funds for all participating non-profits, and Victory 91.5 has been approved for a match of $20,000 per person up to a total of $250,000 for the ministry.

If you give EARLY – You will automatically give BIG – Because every gift will be DOUBLED until the 7 Million dollar match runs out or we hit $250,000.


Obviously, this is a great opportunity to advance the Kingdom in a unique way.

Have you ever wished you could do more – give more?

Well, whatever you give – will automatically be BIGGER – Because every gift will be DOUBLED.


The keys are:
You must give on the Victory 91.5 Facebook page.

You must give at 8:00 am or just after because once Giving Tuesday begins the matching dollars will go extremely fast.

100% of what you give will go to Victory 91.5 as all credit card processing fees are waived when you give through Facebook on “Giving Tuesday.”

So first decide how much to give.

Then get on the Victory 91.5 facebook page.

Wait for Giving Tuesday to begin at 8:00 am —

Then click the blue donate button to DOUBLE your gift and DOUBLE your impact.

That’s how together we change the world by giving during this season of ThanksGIVING!