Spring is in the air (somedays) and lots of great things are going on or coming up here at Victory!

We’re halfway through Every Sole Counts and Corrie is halfway through her maternity leave.

Purim is next week (I’ll be in to teach Wednesday morning March 16th), Passover arrives in April, plus we are bringing Gable Price & Friends in a live Victory concert.

You may be missing waking up to Corrie’s sweet voice during her maternity leave. She will be back on March 28th, but until then, I asked Corrie and Jake King to share a bit of their recent life and parenting journey as well as how Every Sole Counts has impacted them. Plus Jake shares the unique way that old shoes fit into his backstory.

Twelve months ago, Kelly and I were blessed to add Jake King to our family – the most wonderful treasure of a son-in-law we could ever ask for. Just watching the joy overflow in Corrie’s heart every single day has made it the best of years.

On a prophetic level, I also loved the imagery of Corrie’s name changing from Haynes to King. In becoming a bride, she didn’t become a queen, she became a king. Not only is she a King by name, but Revelation 5 reminds us that we are all kings now. “And have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.” So, while we call the Morning Show Coffee With Corrie, we are also literally having Coffee With Kings.

What could possibly top such a year? A beautiful little granddaughter named Liberty Love King. Yea, our hearts could not be any fuller. She is the most amazing treasure.  And with the vast radio DNA this little girl has in her, I wouldn’t be surprised if Coffee with Corrie doesn’t one day become Lattes with Liberty.







Corrie: When Jake and I got married I majorly downsized my closet, and that meant goodbye to lots of my shoes. Then when I was pregnant, he banned all of my heels so that I wouldn’t fall. Now I’m wearing “Mom shoes.” Becoming a mom has been amazing. We both have waited and dreamed of this kind of love in our marriage and home with Jesus is at the center of it all.

Neither of us could have never imagined what it would be like to see our daughter for the first time. After 9 months of wondering what our baby would be like… all the parts of Jake and parts of me in this tiny little girl that we’d only seen in ultrasounds. With tears in our eyes, we finally saw her after my long labor and what felt like the longest 39 weeks of our lives.

We were experiencing parenthood for the first time. Bringing her home from the hospital might have been one of the scariest nights, laying her in her bassinet and getting up constantly to make sure she was still breathing. Neither of us slept well. Liberty is definitely getting more sleep than us.

She will not keep her socks on, so we haven’t even tried putting shoes on yet. I was so excited to buy newborn shoes when I was pregnant and now, I laugh because she doesn’t need them. Isn’t it an interesting thought that we don’t need shoes until we start to walk? That will preach! God wants to cover our feet and protect our feet when we start walking.

What steps is God asking me to take? Where is He leading me to go? Maybe just maybe He’s asking me to bring some shoes to Him for Him to put on other’s feet that need covered. Maybe my shoes will go on someone’s feet that have never felt the love of God. Maybe my shoes will walk miles on someone receiving the Gospel while they receive them. Maybe my shoes will have someone standing in them instead of collecting dust in my closet.

Jake: As a father I look at our newborn daughter Liberty, bewildered by her tiny chubby face and deep blue eyes. As a husband I fall more in love with Corrie every single day, especially as I watch her mothering our child while focusing on “family” in all she does. I cannot help but wonder, “How did I get here?” What a journey it was. One that taught me my value, of the value of every sole and soul.

I was not always the man God called me to be. In fact, I was quite the opposite – lost, fatherless, and hopelessly addicted. I remember the night I called out to God. Praying, “Lord, I can’t do it anymore, please save me or take me!” The very next day my life was drastically changed as a series of events led me to a place called Waypoint.

Waypoint is a men’s regeneration program with Malachi 4:6 as their mission statement. Returning the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. That mission is one of ways “Every Sole Counts” is helping put families back on their feet.

The first job men are assigned to at Waypoint is the distribution table at the thrift store where they sort through clothes and shoes.

It was one of the more unpleasant job assignments, but the lessons I learned at that table are priceless – humility and to keep God as my foundation. Those shoes helped save my life. They taught me the concept of sowing and reaping.

Back then, I was sorting through old shoes that were to be sent on a mission which I didn’t fully understand. Now, years later, as I bring my shoes to the same establishment, to be sorted through on that same table, I truly understand the meaning of “Every Sole Counts”. Because every soul counts. Every shoe delivered to the mission field is a presentation of “The Gospel.”

I learned this from many hard experiences as my broken soul was saved by our God’s redeeming qualities. And now He has given me the wife and daughter of my dreams. I have watched as He has taken me and my family from tragedy to majesty and from glory to glory, and I can’t wait to see what He does next!

Every Sole Counts is racing along as churches and businesses around North Georgia put out containers where thousands of shoes are being brought in to help put families back on their feet. Someone’s son or daughter long trapped in addiction will find freedom in Jesus. Someone else in the third world who has never worn shoes will be able to open up a small store to sell them. What will the shoes in your closet do this year?

This precocious little girl belongs to Quincy, our newest Victory staff member, who has been filling-in for Corrie while she’s on maternity leave. Rylee came by with her Mom and younger sister to drop off a bag of shoes. On their next visit when Rylee saw the shoe container, without hesitation she leaned down and took off her shoes and dropped them in. Her Mom had to scoop them back out twice.

Pastor Gary Moore of Wesley Chapel UMC in Dahlonega, has been coming by the station each week with his vehicle jam-packed with shoes. Says Pastor Gary, “I just ask them for shoes and they just bring them. Folks are looking for opportunities to give.” These folks are world changers!

Most folks just stop by our studios in Cumming and toss boxes or bags of shoes in our van which is parked out front, or they visit one of the over 40 drop off locations around North Georgia. Our goal is 25,000 pairs of shoes! You have till March 31st. Visit victory.radio to find the site nearest you.  

Victory is so excited to bring Gable Price and Friends in Concert April 22nd at the brand new Buford location of Living Water Church. These guys will win you over instantly with their fun indie pop/rock style mixed with deep lyrics and soaring vocals. Get your tickets now before it’s too late.


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  • Rebecca Lanier

    I do love the privilege of having a radio station like 91.5 that I listen to everyday. It’s on 24 hours a day at my home. Thanks for sharing your little blessing, Liberty, with us.. Continued Blessings.. Rebecca Lanier

  • Ken Kramer

    Thanks for the update on your lovely family, Jake’s encouraging victory over addiction and love for Corrie and Liberty and allow 91.5 to be “our” radio station family

  • Elizabeth Ganas

    I live in Florida and am a listener, although not lately. So enjoyed reading this Blog. Corrie, Jake and Liberty your story is so beautiful. Congratulations family! You are blessed and such a blessing to us. Thank you God for their ministry that this world needs so desperately and me too. God’s blessings and my prayers. Elizabeth

  • matthew gaffney

    This is incredible. What I needed to hear this morning. I am grateful for Victory, Waypoint and the Kings!

  • Martha kariuki

    Corrie I listen to your morning show & I’ve been looking forward to hearing about the baby on radio so this was a nice surprise to see you all on this platform! enjoy motherhood as you’ve shared the prophecy & I also know what it’s like to receive a miracle baby! Gods is simply amazing! Congratulations to both of you & God bless your family

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