Friday’s Live Timeless Passover Seder teaching notes, live on-air segments, and video from Facebook Live.

Friday’s Segments:

Segment 1) Passover Changed Everything

Segment 2) The First Two Symbols Are Things You Remove

Segment 3) The Four Cups of Juice/Wine Represents the Blood of the Lamb – Jesus

Segment 4) The Door & The Water

Segment 5) The Unleavened Bread (Matzah)

Segment 6) The Meal Begins

Segment 7) Bitterness of Sin / Sweetness of Forgiveness

Segment 8) Eating The Afikomen – Eating It Was Optional Because It Was Desert

Segment 9) The Fourth Cup – the Cup of Praise / The Cup of Restoration

Segment 10) Feast of First Fruits

Segment 11) Jesus fulfilled 353 prophecies – All those prophets are in the room

Segment 12) In the Field


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