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Passover/Pesach 2023: CrossWords

Listen to the Live Segments with Ray from Wednesday Morning Here. CrossWords Following The Trail From Passover To The Cross Pesach 2023 Introduction The actual day of Passover (the 14th…

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Home Seder April 5th

Celebrate Passover In Your Home This Wednesday at 7:00 PM Join Ray Haynes For A Live Video Presentation  Click Here to Watch The Intro to Passover & Seder   Getting Ready Passover…

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Passover 2022

Listen to the Podcast of this Teaching Here What is Passover and Why Celebrate It? Is Passover a What or a Who? We know the story from Exodus of when…

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Passover 2021

What is Passover and Why Celebrate It?   What is Passover The plagues and death in Egypt were just a shadow/glimpse/picture of what the real Passover would be about 1,500…

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Passover 2020 – 5780

(7:00) 1. Passover Is For Everyone Why should you observe Passover? Why is it important for Christians? How did sin enter the world? A meal. One bite and a conversation…

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Passover Haggadah for Christians & Virtual Sedar on YouTube with Ray

Below is a simple Haggadah for Christians that was made in Word to be printed out as a 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 booklet in color.   Passover Seder Haggadah…

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Weak Like an Eyelash

JoJo: “You are weak…like an eyelash. I am born of Aryan ancestry.” Elsa: “Break free, great Aryan” [Elsa twists JoJo’s arm behind his back and pushes him down]. “There are…

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Passover Seder 2018 Live with Ray Haynes (Friday – Part 2)

Friday’s Live Timeless Passover Seder teaching notes, live on-air segments, and video from Facebook Live. Friday’s Segments: Segment 1) Passover Changed Everything Segment 2) The First Two Symbols Are Things…

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Passover 2018 With Ray Haynes (Thursday Part 1)

Here are Thursday’s Teaching Segments on Passover 2018. Ray’s Complete Bible Study Notes are at the bottom. Friday’s Live Seder segments, Notes and Facebook Live video will be added throughout…

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March 2018 Newsletter

The Perpetual Passover by Ray Haynes This weekend we celebrate Palm Sunday (first known as Pasha), which originated in the Jerusalem Church around the late third or early fourth century….