Here are Thursday’s Teaching Segments on Passover 2018.
Ray’s Complete Bible Study Notes are at the bottom.
Friday’s Live Seder segments, Notes and Facebook Live video will be added throughout the day on Friday.

Segment 1) What Happened to Passover in the Christian Church?

Segment 2) Celebrating Passover on Victory 91.5

Segment 3) Let’s Look In The New Testament Period.

Segment 4) What is Passover?

Segment 5) The Meaning of the English word Passover

Segment 6) When a New Pharaoh Came to Power

Segment 7) Plagues and The gods of Egypt [1446 BC] (Part 1)

Segment 8) The Plagues and The gods of Egypt (Part 2)

Segment 9) Death or the Destroyer

Segment 10) The House of Blood – The Door

Segment 11) Testimony

Segment 12) The Tenth of Nisan / Palm Sunday

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6 thoughts

  • Aimee Underwood

    Ray you are an incredible blessing to the body of Christ. I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and love you have for the scriptures. These teachings are such an incredible blessing

  • Mercedes

    Thank you Ray and Victory! What a true blessing this teaching of Passover is to me! I am spending this Good Friday listening to your teachings on Jesus and Passover. God Bless you, all!

  • Charlene Stevens

    This was very good! I learned some new things about the Passover that I had not heard before. This is also my favorite Season! I love the Resurrection and it has more meaning the more I hear about it. As the Apostle said, what a salvation!!! Only God could come up with a solution to getting His kids back home…..amazing!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this Story of the Ages!

    • Rebecca Lanier

      Thank you so very much for this wonderful teaching. I have enjoyed listening to it as you were on the programs and then to get a chance to listen again on the Blog, how great!!!! 91.5 is my favorite place to be during the week, since I retired May 2016. Many Blessings to everyone at the station….


    Yes, the “church” needs more teaching about the FEASTS OF THE LORD- The High Holidays coming up, hopefully Victory 91.5 will have more teaching about the feasts to make gentiles believers aware of what is written See verse:”‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts.:Leviticus 23:2

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