Ray Haynes

Part 2 Sep 18 5781

Click the link below to read or download pdf. Rosh Hashanah Part 2 Sep 18 5781 Link to listen to podcast segments  

Ray Haynes

Elul 2020 – Newsletter (Longer Blog Version)

Nearly thirty years ago, after Kelly and I had been dating for quite a while, I proposed to her in early February and we began trying to choose a wedding…

Ray Haynes

The Protest of Cain

Has there ever been a year like 2020? I see memes quite often wishing for a do over. How great would it be to find a store and take this…

Ray Haynes

Pentecost And The Pale Horse – An End Times Preview?

Since the following deals with the prophetic and end times realms, let me say clearly upfront I do not believe we are near the time of the Great Tribulation. I…