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Leaning On My Beloved

It’s Your Victory There must be a “National Day” for just about everything, and of course I always discover it after it has passed. There are days set aside for…

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Long Enough Have You Sat in The Valley of Tears By Ray Haynes

Long Enough Have You Sat in The Valley of Tears By Ray Haynes Have you ever felt like your name was changed to “tired”, but no one bothered to tell…

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The 9th of Av or Tisha B’Av – Choices & Consequences

Click Here To Listen To The On-Air Segments on the Podcast 1. What It’s All About: At creation, God set apart appointed times (Fasts and Feasts) or Sacred Times in every season, in…

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Tammuz 17 2022

Listen To The Podcast of This Teaching Here   1. An Example and A Warning This Is Not a Feast Day So Why Am I Here? For the same reason…

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Facing the Giants (the I Spy Edition)

The Podcast of this Teaching is Here Intro and Prayer Today is Tuesday, June 28th – On the Biblical Calendar it’s the 29th of Sivan, 5782. [see-van] Today was the…

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The Feast of: Shavuot / Weeks / Pentecost 2022

Listen to Podcast of Teaching Here 1. 4 Names / 4 Languages Leviticus 23: v 4 and 5: “These are Yehovah’s appointed festivals, the sacred assemblies you are to proclaim…

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Passover 2022

Listen to the Podcast of this Teaching Here What is Passover and Why Celebrate It? Is Passover a What or a Who? We know the story from Exodus of when…

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Purim 2022

Listen to the Podcast of Ray teaching on Purim Wednesday March 16th Purim 2022  Of Weddings & War 1. Intro In the Book of Esther, Mordechai established the annual celebration…


March 2022

Spring is in the air (somedays) and lots of great things are going on or coming up here at Victory! We’re halfway through Every Sole Counts and Corrie is halfway through…

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Hanukkah 2021

Download or Listen Here: Hanukkah 2021   Listen to Podcast Here: On-Air Segments